About Us

The website caters to the Alumni of the Coleridge and Parry School. The Coleridge & Parry School represents the amalgamation of two schools: the Coleridge School, built opposite the St. Peter’s Church rectory; and the Parry School, built opposite the St. Lucy’s Parish Church.

William Hart Coleridge, Barbados’ first Anglican bishop, and Thomas Parry, Barbados’ second Anglican bishop, were both interested in the education of the various classes in the society and gave some of their personal allowance to help build the schools. The two schools were established by the Anglican Church sometime between 1825 and 1852, and were recognized by the colonial government in 1881 as secondary grammar schools for boys.

In 1952, the Coleridge School and the Parry School were merged in the interest of greater efficiency, and the new entity was named – Coleridge & Parry School. The new school was built on the present site on five acres of flat land bought from Ashton Plantation.