Relief after 4 years of pain

Date: Wednesday, December 7th, 2016


SEVENTEEN-YEAR-OLD Ezekiel Ramsay is now at home recovering from a recent medical procedure, and he is one thankful and happy youngster. 

On Friday, November 25, reconstruction surgery was done on Ezekiel’s left knee at the Bayview Hospital by consultant orthopaedic surgeon Dr Tamara Nancoo, giving him high hopes that someday soon he will be able to use that part of his body effectively again.

While the estimated cost of the procedure was initially around $35 000, which Ezekiel’s family was unable to afford, due to the kind generosity of Nancoo and Bayview, the cost of the surgery, and after-care including physiotherapy, is expected to come down to about $23 000, which will be funded by the Sandy Lane Charitable Trust. “I am feeling good . . . just really thankful to the people who believe in me and help me because this surgery was important for me to get,” a shy Ezekiel said.

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